Today, the long-awaited legislative amend was published. It reflects a fundamental revision to the legal regime that governs residence permits for investment (ARI) granted by the Portuguese government.

The following investments are eligible for a “gold Visa” starting January 20, 2022:


Capital transfers of capital in excess of 500,000,00 EUR are intended for the acquisition participation units in venture capital funds focused upon corporate capitalisation. These funds, or investment funds, that are incorporated under Portuguese law have a maturity of at least five year and at least 60% of their investment value is made in companies located in the country.

Real Estate

Acquisition of residential real estate

1) 500.000,000.00 EUR for any property located on inland territories in the Region of Azores or Madeira, and on Map 1

2) 350,000.00 EUR for real estate located on inland territories in the Autonomous Region of Madeira and Azores, and on Map 1. Real estate that has been constructed at least 30 year ago or is located in an area of urban rehab and rehabilitation of the acquired property.

  • Acquisition of nonresidential real property:

1) 500 000 EUR for all Portuguese territories

2) 400,000.00 EUR in inland territories, areas with low population density according to Map 2.

  1. 350,000.00 EUR for real estate that was constructed at least 30 Years ago, or is located in an area of urban rehab and rehabilitation of the acquired real property according to Map 1.

4) 280,000.00 EUR found in inland territories located on the map below and within the Autonomous Region of the Azores or Madeira, according Map 1 and Map 2


Bank deposits now have a minimum of 1,500,000 EUR.


  • Incorporation of or reinforcement of company capital up to 500.000,00 EUR and creation 5 permanent jobs

Applications that are based on the current system will be accepted until 31 December 2021. The respective family reunification applications will also be protected.

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